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When your product/service 


game changing


The most fundamental task of business is to motivate 

your customer to buy!

A famous marketing Guru once said "A good marketing message engages, a great one persuades!"

At Cornerstone Copywriting, I create persuasive, results-driven copy that envelopes all aspects of your product/service specialty.

Think about how you want to impact customers. Think about what special traits are unique to your business brand and what value proposition distinguishes you from the pack; in other words, "the competition!" Think about how you currently aim your marketing radar-- is it leaving an impactful first impression on your target audience or getting lost amidst an avalanche of sameness? 

  Your 'answers' will help me create strategically compelling copy for greater marketing effectiveness and customer impact.

 Whether you offer a line of chocolate infused coffee beans or  coaching services to Silicon Valley CFO's...whatever your business niche, I will showcase your product/service message with game changing content and marketplace sizzle!

 My commitment to you: deliver masterful, delicious content which flawlessly capture your product/service attributes.


Now's the perfect time to bring more customers to your doors with results driven copy!

 Your product/service message should clearly motivate and incite positive calls to action! 

At Cornerstone, my professional goal is two-fold:  (1)   Understand your customer/marketing objectives and how copywriting can assist in supporting them.

(2) Illuminate customer communications and outreach with smart, persuasive content.

I promise to elevate your marketing narrative above and beyond the typical, "one size fits all" fluff.  

I am dedicated to producing superb copywriting results...where every word is given meticulous focus--laying the foundation for "bulls eye" messaging that builds trust/excitement for what you offer 

and stand for!

"Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer"

                                     --  Shirley Polykoff, Advertising Executive --

Creating razor sharp messaging designed to stimulate your customer's interest and purchasing readiness.

What clients are saying

If you’ve ever been tasked with trying to get products positioned to jump start customer interests and sales, you know just how critical it is to make those products appealing to consumers.

I knew we needed to make our products stand out in a smart and clever way, and fortunately Phyllis at Cornerstone Copywriting came to our rescue! She took a list of over 100 retail items and made them resonate with our customers and web visitors…not only did we see more buying activity as a result…we realized what a powerful difference the right words can make. Thanks Phyllis!

J. Hardy, Dir. of Retail Ops--The Marine Mammal Center 

       Sausalito, CA

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In search of savvy, irresistible copy?

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