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   Illuminate  product/service messaging!                                       

   Connect ​     with consumers boldly                                                                  and  impressively!                           

       Ignite                  buying readiness!                                                               


Intelligent copy... 

 game changing results!

At Cornerstone Copywriting you can bank on 

dynamicresults-driven copy that effectively capture and elevate the unique qualities of your product/service brand.

Got an amazing product/service 

to promote, showcase and shout out? 

 Whether you sell vegan ice cream or financial services to first time investors...

whatever your business specialty, you can trust 

 Cornerstone to magnify your product/service assets with compelling, 

game changing content.


Excite your audience... 

 showcase your brand...

and keep them coming back for more!

 Your product/service message should quickly

engage, alert and trigger customer calls to action! 

At Cornerstone Copywriting, the objective is 

straight forward and simple: 

 Elevate your marketing narrative with smart, 

irresistible content. 

Cornerstone Copywriting is dedicated to the craft of superb copy creation...where every word 

matters--ensuring dynamic messaging that 

customers and prospects will value!

"Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer"

      --  Shirley Polykoff, Advertising Expert --

The Cornerstone commitment: Laser sharp messaging 

designed to accelerate purchasing readiness.

Customer  buzz...

If you’ve ever been tasked with trying to get products positioned to jump start customer interests and sales, you know just how critical it is to make those products appealing to consumers.

I knew we needed to make our products stand out in a smart and clever way, and fortunately  Cornerstone Copywriting came to our rescue! CC took a list of over 100 retail items and made them pop and resonate with our customers and web visitors…not only did we see more buying activity as a result…we realized what a powerful difference the right words can make. Thanks Cornerstone!

J. Hardy, Dir. of Retail Ops--The Marine Mammal Center 

       Sausalito, CA

Where Experience Meets  Excellence!

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        Delivering results-driven consumer messaging with style 

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