Professional Highlights

2013 student of the San Francisco School of Copywriting. Active member of The American Institute of Writers. 

20-year track record in corporate sales and management--spanning a broad range of industries: technology,

education, consulting and finance.  I possess a professional skills set anchored in 'best practices' sales and corporate management--including a successful track record of rigorous revenue performance in national/global markets.  My background also spans  

expertise in the areas of business development and professional sales training.  I offer a potent mix of sales/writing competencies-- with a keen emphasis on 'emotional marketing value'--essential components in the creation of compelling business copy--copy that resonates with your customer's emotional triggers and buying motivators.  

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Work Ethic & Commitment

At Cornerstone Copywriting your copywriting needs are top priority! 

Meticulous care is always taken in delivering copy that aligns with all aspects of your business/marketing objective(s). The Cornerstone approach is honest, ethical and disciplined.  We never cut corners or compromise on work quality. 

Copywriting projects at Cornerstone are crafted with the attention and finesse of a master Sculptor.  We create a business/marketing narrative which fully compliments and expresses your unique product/service profile; and we deliver it 

in a manner that exceeds expectation.  Guaranteed!