Professional Expertise


              *  2013 Graduate San Francisco School of Copywriting 

            *  20-year expertise  in corporate sales, business writing and strategic sales content.  

*  Executive sales--spanning diverse industries: Technology,  Consulting, Retail.

               *  Professional experience anchored in 'best practices', business development and  

                   customer outreach in national and global markets. 


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 Focused, Engaging, Impactful!

    At Cornerstone, meticulous care is taken to 

   produce copy which seamlessly align with  

   your marketing objectives.  The CC approach is 

   fresh, creative and fiercely dedicated to            

   copywriting excellence.

      Copywriting projects at Cornerstone are crafted with    authenticity and finesse...there is no such thing as   shortcuts or compromise, ever.   First impressions 

         matter most!